Mountain bike riding on Mount Tamalpais

Monday, July 28th, 2008

One of my favorite activities is my Saturday morning bike ride.  Marin is well known for mountain bike riding; as a matter of fact it is where mountain bikes were invented.  I am fortunate enough to Mount Tamalpais just minutes from my home.  My typical weekend mountain bike ride involves leaving my home at 8:30 in the morning and heading to Mount Tamalpais through San Anselmo and Ross.  From the entrance to Mount Tamil pious we right up to the five corners then down to Fairfax and finally end the ride at coffee roasters in San Anselmo.


Coffee Roasters is a fantastically fun coffee shop especially early on the weekend mornings.  The usually have live music quiet but entertaining and the place is bustling with people coming and going, especially bike riders.  It would be a rare occasion for me to stop the coffee roasters and not run into someone I know.


After the coffee we head home which finishes the ride and we clocked 10 miles.  If we are feeling especially energetic, we go down concrete pipe road which adds a couple of more miles to the ride.


The short little jaunt on Mount Tamalpais takes us through several microclimates which are typical of Marin County.  On the way up to five corners we can look towards the Bay and often see fog hanging over the hillside yet it is hot on Mount Tamalpais.  At the top of the right at five corners we will drink some water and started heading towards Fairfax.  It is surprising how cold the weather becomes just before Deer Valley.


Regardless of how many times I go in this ride I always take the time to appreciate the natural beauty we are lucky enough to live around.


Warren Carreiro, Broker