Marin Clean Energy: You may be switched in even if you Opted Out.

I just received an email (displayed below) indicating that customers that opted out of Marin Clean Energy will be automatically re-enrolled when they get a new Smart Meter.

“Hi Jim —

Yep, you were right — many people in Marin will now be switched into Marin Clean Energy even though they Opted Out… due to SmartMeters.

I talked w/ PG&E at 866/ 743-0335 (CCA dedicated line in Fresno) this morning and they did confirm that when new meters are placed onto our home(s) that we get a new Service ID which triggers enrollment into MEA!  This is per CPUC mandate, where new service defaults to MEA.  PG&E customer service reps are not all singing the same tune and give out incorrect information on 877/ 843-4112 (San Jose) and 800/ 743-5000 (San Jose).

As you determined, MEA enrollment is a problem for anyone who receives a SmartMeter (or any new meter) after they already Opted Out of MEA.  So, yes, most of Marin will be receiving “Welcome to Marin Clean Energy!” letters.



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