What is a REO Home Sale?

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March 10, 2008

REO is a real estate term which means “real estate owned”.  The real estate is owned by bank or lender, typically as a result of foreclosure.  When a bank lends you money to purchase a house, the home is collateral for the loan which means if you don’t make your payments the bank has the right to take ownership of the property.  Mind you, this is not property the bank wanted or wants to keep, it is a drag on their balance sheet and ties up money that could be used for other loans.

Once a bank owns the home they want to sell it a quickly as possible.  This does not mean a fire sale but often the prices are slightly under market price.  The banks will use a professional appraiser and a couple of real estate brokers to help determine market price.  The bank is not legally required to complete the usual disclosure documents because typically they don’t have enough information, though they still must disclose what they do know.  For buyer’s this means the home is purchase “as is” so it is especially important to get good inspections.

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